1.-About Affiwallet Section

Affiwallet was created to help you send money between people easily and efficiently without having someone else's bank details. With Affiwallet send and receive money fast!
With Affiwallet we carry out money transfers immediately and the recipient does not have to wait more than 24 hours to view their money in their account.
You can make movements of your debit or credit cards and you can send money to anyone within your contact list.
You don’t need to go to any branch, we will attend you immediately through our WhatsApp and service number.

2.-Transactions Section

At the moment we do not have that option, you can only receive the balance of other credit / debit cards to your account.
For the person to whom you sent Payment (Balance), it will be reflected immediately to their Affiwallet balance.
If you sent the money to a CLABE (SWIFT) or debit card, the payment will be received directly to the destination account in a matter of minutes.
At the moment you can only deposit in Mexican debit accounts. To transfer, international cards can be used as long as they are credit cards.
To send money, follow these steps:
1) Go to the main screen, and choose the option "Send"
2) Add the amount you want to send and click "Next"
3) Enter a description or concept about your payment.
4) The list of contacts that use Affiwallet will appear and you will be able to select the contact.
5) Select the card from which you approve the amount to send the payment.
6) Confirm that the contact to whom the payment will be sent is correct.
7) Enter your PIN number.
8) The details of the transfer will be displayed.
9) You can send the ticket to your email / Whasapp.
To pay money, follow these steps:
1) Go to the main screen, and choose the option "Subscription"
2) Select the type of operation of how you want to pay to your account
3) If it is by SPEI Transfer
4) Add the data of the Destination Bank
- Name of the Beneficiary
5) If it is by credit or debit card "Process"
6) Add the amount you want to pay and select the "next" option
7) If you have saved cards, select the card from which you decide to take a balance to pay
8) Select the one of your preference where the data to be confirmed will be displayed. If you agree, select the option "Next"
9) It is necessary to enter your PIN to confirm the operation
10) In case of not having saved cards
11) Go to the main screen, and choose the option to "Add cards"
12) Select the Add card option
13) Fill in the Card Number fields or take a picture
14) Add the name of the cardholder
15) Add the expiration date of the card and the CVV and select the option "Save card"
16) The card will be added to the saved cards section
To visualize your movements follow the following steps:
1) Go to the main screen, and choose the option "movements"
2) You can view both your digital card or physical card by searching for the date
To pay money, follow these steps:
1) Go to the main screen, and choose the option to "receive money"
2) The contacts that use the application will appear and you must select the contact that will make the payment
3) A confirmation notification will appear to receive money from that contact
4) Select where you want to receive your payment.
5) The request will be sent to the user to collect and the status of the request sent will appear
6) There is a "Pending" payment request section
When a transaction is canceled it may be for one of the following reasons
1) The destination account had an error or is canceled
2) Verification of some data is missing for security with the user
In the event that a transaction is canceled, the money you sent will be credited back to your Affiwallet balance.
If you had a problem with a canceled transaction, contact us via chat.
All transactions you carry out with Affiwallet users are reflected in the Affiwallet balance
Being a level 2 user, transactions are carried out immediately 24/7
If your deposit is taking longer than normal, please write to us to review your movement.

3.-Cards Section

If you want to add an additional card or have a problem registering one, write to us when registering it, write to us via chat so we can help you.
We accept VISA, Mastercard. and American Express.
You can make transfers with your credit card. It is important that the card used is yours and nobody else's!
At the moment international cards cannot be added to Affiwallet, we will continue working to accept them soon and offer you a better experience.
The validation process so that you can use your card is immediate, you will not have to wait more than 24 hours.

4.-Commissions Section

Our commission scheme applies as follows.
In transactions using Visa and Mastercard debit cards
In transactions sending money from your Affiwallet balance
Making interbank transfers with CLABE Affiwallet

5.-Blocked Account Section

To lock / unlock follow these steps:
-Go to the main screen, and choose the option "Profile"
-Select the card lock option
Enable or disable your cards, in case of theft or loss for the case of physical card we suggest:
-Lock the card immediately
-We communicate this information through chat and we will communicate with you as soon as possible.

6.-Security Section

To change your email, you can write to us by WhatsApp (Send us your email so we can change it)
Don't worry, you can edit it.
Note: Creating two or more affiwallet accounts is not allowed!
We can support you, to change your username it is necessary that you send us a photo of your identification to corroborate your data.
We have the most robust security protocols and anti-fraud systems in the industry.
You can be sure that your personal and financial information is encrypted and tokenized so that it is always protected.
If you suspect that there has been unauthorized activity on your account, contact us immediately through our whatsapp or send an email to support@grupoaffinitas.com
We are here to help you!
At affiwallet, cardholder security is our priority.
Sometimes we can ask for a selfie holding your official ID as well as a photograph of your registered card.

7.-Schedule Section

Customer service hours through chat within our application is from Monday to Friday from 9:00 to 6:00
You can be sure that we will respond to you as soon as possible, we appreciate your understanding.
Transactions for validated users are 24/7

8.-Affipay Card Section

If you misplaced your card, go to your app and disable it.
Please write to us via the support chat and let us know that your card has been lost.
We will cancel it for you and send you a replacement as soon as possible.
With your affipay card you can pay in any business you want, you can view your movements, additionally you can recharge it with other cards of yours, whether credit or debit.
If your card has been declined more than 2 times please write to the support chat to review the reason for your rejection and in any case make a report.
In the "Blocking" section of the card, enable or disable anytime you want.
When using your card, it will show up as "Affipay-Buy".
Most electronic businesses accept our card, if your card was not accepted, please contact us through our support chat so you can tell us which business declined your payment.
If you have a charge that you do not recognize in your card movements, write us via chat or send an email to support@grupoaffinitas.com
The process can take up to 90 business days to have a resolution.

9.-My account section

Learn about the benefits offered by your affipay account

Amounts expressed in National Currency.

10.-Section Unrecognized Charges

If there was a problem with the validation of your account, or your card was misused, we proceed with a refund process so that the money withheld returns to the card from which it came.
The return or refund process may take from 2 to 10 business days to be reflected in the return account, depending on the issuing bank.
Applies for transactions made from the affiwallet.
Charges made through the affiwallet will appear on your statement as: Payment by affiwallet- affipay


If you are already an Affipay customer, access our "Personalized Support"
section with your credentials and one of our advisors will support you.